Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some paper crafts.

OK so I thought I'd finally post the pictures I took a while ago to put up here!! Here are some paper crafts I made some from a class, some from ideas I took from someone else. Hope these help the creativity flow this season or if you can't find the time maybe after the new year!! This is the front with flap open.
Here is a paper bag book (but no like one I'd ever seen before, I love the handles). This is the front.

First page opened.

2nd opened.

3rd open.


and the back.

This is the front of a paper bag book. It's hard to read in this picture but it says Beach Fun! and the little tag says splish splash.

2nd and 3rd page opened with the side pocket page pulled out.

4th and 5th page opened.

6th and 7th, with side pocket page pulled out.

Side pocket not pulled out.

The back.

OK this is the front of an altered CD case!!

Here is the back.

Opened up.

Closer look at the left side.

Closer look at the right.

This is that folded thing open.

Hope I didn't overwhelm anyone with all the pictures! I promise next time there won't be as many!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Shower Invite

I am throwing my little sis a baby shower and I just have to say I was so excited when I finished the invitations. The photo doesn't give it credit. I guess it is a craft because I designed it. Right?!

The white blobs are words spray painted over so personal info wasn't out there.

I got the photo from Kayden's collection from his blessing photos. I have a lot of baby clothes and stuff for her so I went with a theme (time of day). Instead of just saying the theme I came up with silly little rhymes.

I used a scrapbooking program and printed it on matte photo paper. It was fast, easy and a lot of fun.

I did just finish a fun magnet board. That is for sure a craft. I can't wait to post it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

TuTu for my LuLu

Well this isn't MY idea - in fact I just found it blog surfing. I'm good at copying other peoples good ideas...and Lucy LOVES this! She wore it from morning to night on Conference Sunday. I had to hide it so it wouldn't get too trashed before Halloween. You can find the step-by-step here...but it is really easy! I bought my tulle at Joannes because honestly I'm a novice and don't always think...Walmart is 1/2 the price and has way more colors. I'll remember that for the next time that I make one. Oh, also for the elastic hair band make sure it doesn't have the grippy no-slip stuff on it! That made a lot harder.

The girl that I copied it from mentioned maybe doing it in yellow and black for a cute, fancy bumble bee, wouldn't that be too cute!!!

Here is the finished look on Lucy

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Days book

So with Garrick starting school I wanted a way to document things along the way, to see how he changes through the years. I had seen something like this, tweeked it to make it a "Danielle Version," so here is the result. I made one for a couple of Garrick's friends that are also starting kindergarten, but a simpler version, without the paper. Although the paper was easy to add, it was time consuming. And since that is something I don't have much of, they can be creative on their own if they wish. I have it all saved on my computer, so anyone that's interested, let me know, and I could print you off a copy and send to you snail mail. Here goes;
Front cover

Finish of the 20__ with the year they are in that grade, so Garrick's will be 2008.

All these pages are the same for each grade. So it will be fun to see how it changes from year to year. Especially his signature!

Here are a few of the other grades, but the book includes K-12.

I have some corner punches that I bought from Michael's on sale with a coupon that I used. The printed paper I just cut enough off the edges (about 1/4" on each side I think) so that it would fit. Or you could still trim the printed paper, and glue it to the decorative paper. Then I put it in page protectors. For those couple that I did for friends, you could just cut off the edge where I hole punched it, and still be able to put it on decorative paper later if you want. Let your imagination run wild! Have fun! Now, I'm going to go try to not get emotional as I am about to send Garrick off to school this week. Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I love Plaster of Paris

I love making things with plaster of paris. You can buy it at Michael's (and maybe Walmart too). I use candy molds to create many different shapes (candy mold too at Michael's mainly, but some at JoAnn's and Walmart too). I've done them just plain and you can glue a magnet on the back, or twisted some wire (again at one of the above stores) and made it so that you can put it on a necklace for the kids to then add beads to, or I've painted it and tied it onto the ribbon of a gift. The kids LOVE painting them, even if I just end up throwing the out afterwards (they don't know, and don't remember). But it was a CHEAP form of entertainment for them. The paints are just the cheap ($.43 ish at Walmart) paints in the painting section. To prevent the kids from painting all over their clothes, I bought cheap adult shirts at Goodwill and they wear it backwards. Very useful for Aleksia!!! To mix it, add enough water to the flour looking mix until it's alittle runnier then yogurt. Pour into molds, tap on the counter/table/etc to get the air bubbles out. Usually sets up in about 30 minutes depending on how runny the mixture was. Pop out and let set to finish drying (12-24 hours). I usually put them on a cooling rack so the back drys too. Then paint!
Aleksia painting her Winnie the Pooh shapes

Concentrating very hard!

Some Winnie the Pooh shapes with a bib from some baby ones (very cute on baby gifts!)

Sorry it's blurry, but the back of the gifts showing the wire. They take about 30 minutes to set up, so about 10 minutes into it I then put the wires in place. It needs to be setting up a little to keep the wire in place. If it's not set up at all it will just fall the the bottom.

The front of the gifts. I then spray it with a finishing coat spray (Michaels or Wally World, again) and then spray it with some sparkles (in a can like the spray at the above stores M or W).

Not shown, but I have some Christmas looking molds (obviously sold only seasonally) that I've put on christmas gifts or glued a pin to the back and then you can wear them. A cute gift for the kids to paint then give away at christmas, or to add to a gift from them!

Hopefully that made sense, if not, let me know!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Book-Do You Know Who I Am?

I first came up with and made this book for Kaycee when she was about 6 months. This past Christmas I made one for my nephew, Skyler. There are a lot of pages so I only posted a few.

Monday, July 28, 2008


This blog is created for you to display your projects, and be inspired by others. Post y0ur latest sewing project, a craft, a drawing, a scrapbook page, ANYTHING! It can be just the finished project, or photos along the way with a "how to" instructions included.
The sky is the limit.
Here are some projects to get the party started! Enjoy!

This is a "Danielle" version of a kit that was $30 at the CK Convention, and I made it for ALOT less. The canvases where at Michael's, and then you put pictures on the paper squares. I put a sticky back velcro dot in the middle of the paper, then to the back of my photos so that I can update them as the children get older.

This was my last sewing projects (I made 2). An apron and chef's hat. I gave it as a wedding and a bachelorette gift. With a "recipe" to cook with only the above on, to add some "spice" to dinner...

My Mother's Day cards this year