Monday, October 6, 2008

TuTu for my LuLu

Well this isn't MY idea - in fact I just found it blog surfing. I'm good at copying other peoples good ideas...and Lucy LOVES this! She wore it from morning to night on Conference Sunday. I had to hide it so it wouldn't get too trashed before Halloween. You can find the step-by-step here...but it is really easy! I bought my tulle at Joannes because honestly I'm a novice and don't always think...Walmart is 1/2 the price and has way more colors. I'll remember that for the next time that I make one. Oh, also for the elastic hair band make sure it doesn't have the grippy no-slip stuff on it! That made a lot harder.

The girl that I copied it from mentioned maybe doing it in yellow and black for a cute, fancy bumble bee, wouldn't that be too cute!!!

Here is the finished look on Lucy


Danielle said...

Horay! I'm so glad you posted something! And it was sooo cute!!! What a fun idea! That is what this blog is for, so keep them comin'!

The Bott Family said...

Wow. You are fast. You just told me about it. It is way cute and Lucy looks so grown up. You did a good job. I actually like it better than the ones I've seen. I hope that doesn't sound mean. I just mean that you did a really good job!

MUSA77 said...

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