Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Book-Do You Know Who I Am?

I first came up with and made this book for Kaycee when she was about 6 months. This past Christmas I made one for my nephew, Skyler. There are a lot of pages so I only posted a few.


Danielle said...

Very cute Melanie! And to come up with it all by yourself. I don't know if I have any "Danielle Originals," they are all just a "Danielle Version" of something else. How do you get the pictures and typing on fabric?

Ali said...

Yes, how did you do this? Something like this would be great for gifts.... detailed instructions would be great! (Some of us were invited to this blog but aren't overly instructions are great!)

NicKim Family said...

Danielle, I hope it's okay that I peeked at your blog - what a great idea!! I love everything you have listed so far - so cute!!!

The Kay Family said...

Way cute idea Melanie!

Anonymous said...

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