Monday, August 17, 2009

Tin Album

These are great for Baby Shower gifts (that's what this one was for), and I've done them (differently but the same idea) for Mothers Day gifts with pics of the grandkids for Grandmas. They are great 'cause you can through them in you're purse and they stay safe!

1 - tin (this one I got at WalMart. But you can get them for $1 at the checkout at Michael's, they are tins for gift cards!)

2 - 12" long and alittle less wide then your tin card stock (I used black)

decorative paper


2" strip of sticky velcro

To make:
~fold the cardstock (black paper) into a square that is slightly smaller then you're tin. Because you want it to fit in the tin once it's all folded. Continue folding it accordion style until the end. The last piece will not be the same size, that's okay! Do this for both strips.

~If you want to do a decorative edging on the corners, do it now before you glue it together

~Clue the bottom of one strip (the end that is a little smaller then you're tin) to the top (the end that isn't the same size as the rest of the squares) together, to make one long strip like the below picture. So the smaller section that's not the same size as all the others is on top, and will be like you're title page.

~Cut your decorative paper 1/2" smaller then you're squares, and glue them on

~Prior to gluing on the top one, I printed out on the computer a phrase on velum, tore the top edges, inked them, and adhered it to the decorative paper with brads, then glued it onto the black cardstock. Or you can glue first, then put the brads through all 3 pieces of paper (velum, decorative, and cardstock) for more secure hold.

~Embellish, but leave room for the recipient to add pictures. It's easier when you are making one if you already have the pictures, because then you can embellish around them. But if it's a gift, that's not always possible.

~At the end, on the bottom square, I attach a piece of sticky velcro (one with the sticky stuff on the back, like a sticker) and put the opposite velcro in the tin sticky side down. So when you pull the album out to look at it, it will stay in place.
Questions, incase it's confusing (it's easy to make, but sometimes hard to explain) email me!