Friday, June 25, 2010

A little of this 'n' that

So I've been up to a little crafting recently! Here is what some of what I've done!
I made a shirt like this with a 1 on it for Cassiah's 1st b-day, and decided to make it a tradition. Well we where too busy and missed it for Aleksia's, but I made one for a friend who is obviously turning 5 soon. Just a felt number with a triangle on top, and then stitched around the edges. Used a font on the computer to trace the number! Easy and very fun for them to wear on their birthday to let everyone know how old they are!
Closer view

So a friend and I have gotten into these bleach shirts, seen here and here (this one was with spray paint, but instead use bleach, it just gives a good demo) and lastly here. So we got online and found pumpkin carving sites, and they worked awesome! That's where I found Batman, Spiderman, and did a Autobots one for Garrick!

This one I used my Silhouette (my friend made several with my machine, which turned out awesome!). I am in love with this machine! Cards, poster making, vinyl cutting, endless other crafts... you name it! The more I do, the more I find more things it can do, it's an endless cycle!

Closer view of the cute little bear!

Made some crowns for a dear friend, and the boys are modeling them.

Closer view. All out of felt. Used my cutter to get a pattern for the cupcake, traced it out, sewed on cute beads to look like sprinkles, hand sewed the cupcake on, then sewed the two pieces of crown together. Got the crown pattern here.

All 4 crowns ready to send!

Ta-dah! I've also done some glass etching with my machine. Print out the image on vinyl, put the reverse image on the glass, then smear the paste, and wipe off 5min+ later. More pics of that later!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog Round-up

I will be the first to admit that I am not a natural crafter. Creativity does not come to me quickly. If I do manage to come up with something on my own, it takes me days of stewing over it and mulling it over in my mind. I don't come up with my own craft ideas, but I will say, I am pretty darn good at copying. I can see something and look it over for a while, and then I can probably figure it out (if you give me enough time, that is!)

Well, lucky for me there are a TON of crazy good craft blogs out that inspire me, almost daily, and make me want to get my craft on. These blogs include amazingly detailed tutorials to follow and lots of pictures to help.

So I thought I'd share all of my favorites with you, and maybe you'll be inspired too.

(Click on the pictures to take you to the blog/site.)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Count my many blessings

This is what we did for Activity Day Girls a couple weeks ago. You can make any type of album with paper sacks, I LOVE it! I'm making one for the baby shower I just did for a coworker too. People write down some advice to the new mom, places for pictures, and a list of the gifts (I'll take some pics before I give it to her). The possibilites are endless! So here is our version, as we recognized our blessings (well 10 of them) that our Heavenly Father has given us! The girls where told to bring 10 pictures of their favorite things. So either collect some old pictures or with help/suppervision take the pictures, but bring them developed, and then we'd be doing something "FUN" with them!

So here is the cover. Sacks cut and the bottom part is thrown out. It worked great with the fold of the bag doubled as the fold for the album (on the left). After putting 11 sacks together (10 pictures + 1 cover = 11 pages) I punshed two holes in the left side (my crop-a-dile it went through it like butter!) and tied it with ribbon. Made a cover with one of my 1,000+ fonts, colored it, and decorated the page.

On the left side they would fill in the blank with their blessing. Yeah I spelled marriage wrong, I know! I'm a BAD speller!

On the right side, paste their picture of their blessing and using decorative paper, punches, and decorative scissors (not too many embelishment choices for them, trying to keep it simple) they decorated around the picture.

Inside the pocket (or inside of the bag) was some card stock cut to fit where they are to journal about how their picture is a blessing in their life or how it has blessed their life. I then cut a small square and stapled it to the paper like a tab for decoration. Stapling the next paper in the middle, then bottom, then back at the top.

Garrick was one of my blessings. He's such a big helper and learning so much at school it's amazing! He's become such a good reader and he loves to read to me as I cook dinner!

Oh Aleksia! She brings drama to our house, in good ways and some bad! But she is a great big sister who loves having a little sister now to share a room with and wear matching dresses to church!

Trestin.... my little "helper." Helps with dishes, laundry, making messes while I clean, and taking care of his little sister while his other siblings are at school. How can such a small package have so much energy?

Cassiah has such a mellow personality! She loves to watch the craziness of her siblings and tolerates all their hugs, kisses, and them holding her very frequently! She only fusses when she's tired or hungery and either way I feed her and she's happy or she falls asleep.

Than is the love of my life, my helper, my sole mate, my sanitiy after a LONG day with the kids, and my best friend! He's a wonderful husband, father, man, and worker.

Ahh she found her thumb! She gags on the binki most of the time, but when she's really tired, she'll find her thumb, and suck herself to sleep! I wish she'd find it sooner sometimes and save herself the trouble!

Picture of Palouse Falls. I have really grown to love Pullman and the Palouse area! I love the spring when all the wheat fields are green, the rolling hills, and the friends we have met (some of which have moved on and we miss very much, you know who you are...).

I have the best job in the world (besides being a wife and mom)! I get to wear the most comfortable work clothes EVER, work with AMAZING people (from the nurses to doctors to CNA's), beautiful new facility to work in, help people feel better, be present for the arrival of new additions to families, and work at night. Nights actually is a blessing, in the fact that when I'm gone to work, Than is at home with our kids, so no day care, and they get good quality Daddy Time!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tin Album

These are great for Baby Shower gifts (that's what this one was for), and I've done them (differently but the same idea) for Mothers Day gifts with pics of the grandkids for Grandmas. They are great 'cause you can through them in you're purse and they stay safe!

1 - tin (this one I got at WalMart. But you can get them for $1 at the checkout at Michael's, they are tins for gift cards!)

2 - 12" long and alittle less wide then your tin card stock (I used black)

decorative paper


2" strip of sticky velcro

To make:
~fold the cardstock (black paper) into a square that is slightly smaller then you're tin. Because you want it to fit in the tin once it's all folded. Continue folding it accordion style until the end. The last piece will not be the same size, that's okay! Do this for both strips.

~If you want to do a decorative edging on the corners, do it now before you glue it together

~Clue the bottom of one strip (the end that is a little smaller then you're tin) to the top (the end that isn't the same size as the rest of the squares) together, to make one long strip like the below picture. So the smaller section that's not the same size as all the others is on top, and will be like you're title page.

~Cut your decorative paper 1/2" smaller then you're squares, and glue them on

~Prior to gluing on the top one, I printed out on the computer a phrase on velum, tore the top edges, inked them, and adhered it to the decorative paper with brads, then glued it onto the black cardstock. Or you can glue first, then put the brads through all 3 pieces of paper (velum, decorative, and cardstock) for more secure hold.

~Embellish, but leave room for the recipient to add pictures. It's easier when you are making one if you already have the pictures, because then you can embellish around them. But if it's a gift, that's not always possible.

~At the end, on the bottom square, I attach a piece of sticky velcro (one with the sticky stuff on the back, like a sticker) and put the opposite velcro in the tin sticky side down. So when you pull the album out to look at it, it will stay in place.
Questions, incase it's confusing (it's easy to make, but sometimes hard to explain) email me!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Graduation Announcements

I finally found the SD card with these pictures to post.

I had a lot of fun making the announcements. I had so many things going on but I always enjoy doing something creative and in time for my finals. I was/am pleased with how thye turned out; I think they turned out really cute. Again, I was ispired by Paper Pals!

Monday, April 27, 2009

2 cards and a memory book!

I made these for a competition and didn't make it so I thought I'd share them anyway!!