Friday, June 25, 2010

A little of this 'n' that

So I've been up to a little crafting recently! Here is what some of what I've done!
I made a shirt like this with a 1 on it for Cassiah's 1st b-day, and decided to make it a tradition. Well we where too busy and missed it for Aleksia's, but I made one for a friend who is obviously turning 5 soon. Just a felt number with a triangle on top, and then stitched around the edges. Used a font on the computer to trace the number! Easy and very fun for them to wear on their birthday to let everyone know how old they are!
Closer view

So a friend and I have gotten into these bleach shirts, seen here and here (this one was with spray paint, but instead use bleach, it just gives a good demo) and lastly here. So we got online and found pumpkin carving sites, and they worked awesome! That's where I found Batman, Spiderman, and did a Autobots one for Garrick!

This one I used my Silhouette (my friend made several with my machine, which turned out awesome!). I am in love with this machine! Cards, poster making, vinyl cutting, endless other crafts... you name it! The more I do, the more I find more things it can do, it's an endless cycle!

Closer view of the cute little bear!

Made some crowns for a dear friend, and the boys are modeling them.

Closer view. All out of felt. Used my cutter to get a pattern for the cupcake, traced it out, sewed on cute beads to look like sprinkles, hand sewed the cupcake on, then sewed the two pieces of crown together. Got the crown pattern here.

All 4 crowns ready to send!

Ta-dah! I've also done some glass etching with my machine. Print out the image on vinyl, put the reverse image on the glass, then smear the paste, and wipe off 5min+ later. More pics of that later!