Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Book-Do You Know Who I Am?

I first came up with and made this book for Kaycee when she was about 6 months. This past Christmas I made one for my nephew, Skyler. There are a lot of pages so I only posted a few.

Monday, July 28, 2008


This blog is created for you to display your projects, and be inspired by others. Post y0ur latest sewing project, a craft, a drawing, a scrapbook page, ANYTHING! It can be just the finished project, or photos along the way with a "how to" instructions included.
The sky is the limit.
Here are some projects to get the party started! Enjoy!

This is a "Danielle" version of a kit that was $30 at the CK Convention, and I made it for ALOT less. The canvases where at Michael's, and then you put pictures on the paper squares. I put a sticky back velcro dot in the middle of the paper, then to the back of my photos so that I can update them as the children get older.

This was my last sewing projects (I made 2). An apron and chef's hat. I gave it as a wedding and a bachelorette gift. With a "recipe" to cook with only the above on, to add some "spice" to dinner...

My Mother's Day cards this year