Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some paper crafts.

OK so I thought I'd finally post the pictures I took a while ago to put up here!! Here are some paper crafts I made some from a class, some from ideas I took from someone else. Hope these help the creativity flow this season or if you can't find the time maybe after the new year!! This is the front with flap open.
Here is a paper bag book (but no like one I'd ever seen before, I love the handles). This is the front.

First page opened.

2nd opened.

3rd open.


and the back.

This is the front of a paper bag book. It's hard to read in this picture but it says Beach Fun! and the little tag says splish splash.

2nd and 3rd page opened with the side pocket page pulled out.

4th and 5th page opened.

6th and 7th, with side pocket page pulled out.

Side pocket not pulled out.

The back.

OK this is the front of an altered CD case!!

Here is the back.

Opened up.

Closer look at the left side.

Closer look at the right.

This is that folded thing open.

Hope I didn't overwhelm anyone with all the pictures! I promise next time there won't be as many!